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We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) network promoting competence and socioeconomic empowerment of Asian-Americans through mentorship, training, and networking.


We provide scholarships and create awareness for the Asian Americans on public service and its role in citizenry.

ASPIRE Board of Directors & Officers

ASPIRE President

Former Elected HCC Trustee


ASPIRE Secretary

Attorney & Mediator, The Law Office of Vy Nguyen and Associates, PLLC

ASPIRE Vice President,

Global Collaborations

Former HCC Associate Vice-Chancellor, International Student Services

ASPIRE Board Member

PA-C, AccessHealth,

Federally Qualified Health Center

ASPIRE Vice President,

Strategic Initiatives

President, HCC Central College

Maria Emee Nisnisan

ASPIRE Board Member

Clinical Consultant/Procedure Nurse 

Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic

Our Goals

Create awareness for the Asian Americans on public service and its role in citizenry

Support Asian American talent through mentorship, training, and social networking

Identify Asian Americans' entry barriers to participation in public sector enterprises and establishments

Provide resources for Asian American socioeconomic empowerment

Continue to build coalition with other non-profit organizations to support Asian American Competence

Our Outreach

Honoring  the diversity of the Asian American community, our outreach to Asian Americans is wide-ranging.


We reach out to and include all Asian Americans with diverse heritages, backgrounds, cultures, and creeds.

We partner and collaborate with diverse entities to help support socioeconomic empowerment of Asian Americans.


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